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The Pluckemin Inn is a contemporary American restaurant that brings a top level of food, wine and service you might expect to find in a big city, but presents it all in a warm and inviting atmosphere, right here in North-Central New Jersey.
While there are no rooms to stay here overnight, there are rooms to savor a fine meal, have a hearty drink, or enjoy a private affair. The Inn itself is modeled after a colonial-era farmhouse, complete with stone walls, arched entranceways, and large exposed beams crossing the high open-air ceilings.
The restaurant is a sophisticated but approachable blend of old world colonial warmth and modern-minded amenities. The menus change seasonally to ensure you have a meal featuring the best available ingredients. The “tower,” is a 3-story enclosed and temperature-controlled wine room. There, we house over 15,000 bottles to complement the flavors being produced and prepared by the chef and his team.
If you prefer a more casual setting, or want to catch the game, you can always enjoy your meal in “The Plucky” tavern. At The Pluckemin Inn, our only interest is to serve you, and serve you well. We hope to see you soon.


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